Change is in the air–and on our menu.

Coffee shops are so much more than just making coffee.

They are about building relationships, meeting friends, studying for that all-important test, prepping for major interviews, and sharing life with others. And when life gets busy, they are for grabbing a quick drink and bite to eat, so you can race off to the next thing.

For any of those times, when you still want something to eat, in addition to our popular Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Baja Turkey Croissant, we’re excited to offer an expanded lunch menu, and some new breakfast options–all available starting tomorrow!

A new twist to a timeless classic.

Introducing our Northwest Reuben.

Our twist on the classic Reuben all starts with our house-made rye sourdough focaccia. Together, these light and airy slices of bread are covered with a garlic and caraway spread on either side, then a generous portion of corned beef is added, and layered with, swiss cheese and a house made pickle.

The Northwest Reuben sandwich is surely to become your next favorite lunch option.

We like it heated up or cold–either way is good!

Northwest Reuben

That's a wrap!

A Chicken Curry Wrap, that is.

Lunch just got an upgrade. Fresh lime, cilantro and curry pack a lot of flavor into the most delicious and tender chicken, with a hint of sweetness. Ditch the fast food, and grab our new Chicken Curry Wrap next time you’re hungry.

Great for a busy day, and it pairs well with an iced green tea!

Chicken Curry Wrap


That should be enough.

But if it isn’t, we also added sausage, eggs, potatoes, and pepper jack cheese to help start your day off on the right foot.

Sure, you can skip breakfast, but why would you? Try our all-new Breakfast Burrito starting tomorrow!

And if you like your burritos a bit more spicy, we’ll let you know a little secret. All Woods Coffee locations have Tapatío Hot Sauce packets available upon request.

Game-changer, we know.

Breakfast Burrito

Not new, but improved.

Finally, an old classic is getting a major update.

Meet our new Bacon & Swiss Breakfast Sandwich.

We removed the cheddar, replaced it with swiss, and stepped up our bread game with a new house-made English Muffin, that is light and airy.

And like every food item we sell, all these new and updated items are made fresh daily in our Woods Bakery in Lynden, WA, and delivered to all our U.S. locations every evening, so we can serve you only the freshest food in the morning!

Bacon & Swiss Breakfast Sandwich


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