Make a difference.

At Woods Coffee, making a difference is one of our core values. Making a difference is also a key influencer when it comes to our company culture.

By serving & engaging our guests on a personal level, and by being involved in our communities, we understand that coffee is just a part of how we can make a difference.

So whenever possible, the Woods Coffee Team looks to make a meaningful difference in the communities, and in the lives of those we serve each day.

The first 72 hours are crucial.

The average foster child is moved three times, and the first 72 hours of a child’s entrance into the foster care system are so crucial, and often the most traumatizing.

The instability has a devastating effect. Foster children are two times more likely to suffer from PTSD than veterans returning from a war zone.

But for Skookum Kids, a volunteer-staffed facility, they are caring for children entering or transitioning in the foster care system throughout Whatcom County.

20 kids will enter foster care from Whatcom County this month.


Thank YOU for joining us in the cause of caring.

What started out as an idea to have a Woods Garage Sale in order to clear out cluttered shelves and old merchandise at our warehouse took on new meaning when we asked ourselves, “What do we do with the money from the things we sell?”

Do we use it to just recoup costs on unsold merchandise?
Do we use the funds to do a company outing?

Then it hit us.

We’d make a difference in our community in a way that is unsolicited and unexpected.

What that in mind, we set a date for our Woods Garage Sale, cleared out our back stock, storage containers, and anything else we could find, and we decided to give our garage sale profits to Skookum Kids, in order to make a difference in the lives of foster kids in Whatcom County.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and purchased older Woods hoodies, mugs, fixtures, decorations, and more, we are humbled to give over $2,100 to such a meaningful cause.

Learn more about Skookum Kids, and how you can join us in supporting foster children in Whatcom County.