Relationship Coffee.

A big part of what Relationship Coffee is all about is investing not just in a single farm, but investing in the people as well.

That’s one thing that makes our new Nicaragua Single Origin Coffee so special.

It’s a rare single variety from a small lot on a beautiful farm in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua that is dedicated to quality. Coffee from this farm has placed in the Cup of Excellence, and are truly amazing. We are so pleased to be able to share it with you.

Single Lot Coffee

Single Lot is simply that. A single lot on a single farm, divided into separate lots by variety. These micro lots only produce small amounts of coffee, approximately 5–20 bags (150 pound bags).

Woods Coffee is the only place in the world with this particular Single Origin coffee!

More than just coffee.

Luis Alberto Balladarez and his family have been coffee producers in Nicaragua for four generations, with the 5th generation already heavily involved.

His passion for coffee is seemingly endless; however, that passion is not just about the coffee, but also about the people he works with, the people in his community, and how coffee ties them together.

Meet the Farmer

Farmer: Luis Alberto Balladarez
Farm: La Bendicion
Location: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Serving Other around the world.

One of the pillars Woods Coffee was built on is to Serve Others.

This commitment has been with us since day one, and we are proud to continue this with our Relationship Coffee approach as we seek to serve the highest quality coffee in our stores.

Next time you visit Woods Coffee, or if you are looking to order a Single Origin Coffee for home, try our Nicaragua Single Origin coffee, and you’ll know you’re enjoying a rare coffee that has been specially grown and harvested by Luis and his farmers for Woods Coffee.