Breakfast is now better than ever.

The all-new Lumberjack Hash Brown Sandwich is a complete game-changer for any breakfast lover–even if we do say so ourselves.

The name itself is a nod to the northwest’s historic past, where lumberjacks and logging were commonplace. To them, a hardy breakfast was essential.

Served on waffled hash browns as the bun, the Lumberjack is packed with egg, bacon, and a maple sausage gravy that will have you wanting breakfast three times a day!

Lumberjack Hash Brown Sandwich

Hash brown sandwich with bacon, eggs, and maple gravy

Just a bite–or two.

These bacon-wrapped flourless egg bites are a delicious new way for you to get your day started. Each Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bite is made with sharp-cheddar souffle and topped with chive. After your first bite, you’ll be left wondering how these taste so good while providing you 16 grams of protein!

Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bites

Egg bites with bacon, egg, cheddar, and chive

Enjoy the morning.

Of course, no trip to the Woods is complete without getting a drink, so we’re excited to introduce two new drinks.

For a coffee drink, the new Carmello Mocha is like combining a s’more with a caramel mocha, for the best of both worlds.

If you want to skip the coffee-based drink, but still want a pick-me-up, the new Citrus Rush energy drink is a tart and tangy mix that fills you with springtime joy with every sip.

No matter which food and drink combination you choose, they are all available now, and ready for you to try. So visit your favorite drive-thru location and get yours today!